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Fashion Eyewear

Flaunt your new eyewear

At San Dimas Optometry, we are not only dedicated to providing you with the clearest and sharpest vision, but we want you to look your best. Choose from a variety of designer frames and sunglasses, all to meet each face shape and eye size!


Digital Free-From Lenses high definition vision ask us about it!

Do you have 20/20 vision when you wear your glasses but still feel dissatisfied with how you see?

You might benefit from high-definition lenses.

High-definition lenses are designed to provide sharper vision in all conditions and reduced glare for nighttime driving.

Are You a Candidate for High-Definition Lenses? 

If you are dissatisfied with the clarity of your eyesight with your current glasses, ask your eye care professional if high-definition eyeglass lenses might provide sharper vision.